Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tarpon Springs - No Book Hunting

I think you can see why my mind wasn't on book hunting during my recent trip to Tarpon Springs!  A nice overnight trip included a short sponge hunting demonstration by this Greek Diver - ompa!

Saturday continued with dinner on St. Pete beach to celebrate 3 November birthdays and enjoy Bob's daughters visiting from MI (2 of the birthday "girls".

The night ended with Bob and me bringing Sweet Baby "J" home with us for his first overnight without his mom and dad.  Jalen is 6 months and behaved very well.  What was funny was how he jabbered all of the way home Sunday night - I'm sure he was telling his mom everything he did!  I sure hope he didn't tell any tales.

With all of that you can see why I didn't have time for book hunting.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Palm Beach Visit

This weekend I had a great visit to Palm Beach.  I stayed with a girlfriend in her condo located right on the beach.  All I had to do was get up and go to the windows to see the Atlantic - what a life. Actually I didn't know that Palm Beach was an island or that the Inter-Coastal waterway was "right there".  There is a lot to learn about FL.  I also didn't know that there were sugar cane fields between us and Palm Beach - there is a very big difference between the trip across the state on 80 verses Alligator Alley.  I saw the sugar cane burning on 80, no alligators. I saw gas stations in the small towns, no signs saying fill up now or risk dying!

The Worth Avenue shopping was over-the-top - not my type of thing.  But the consignment and thrift store shopping was wonderful.  Oh, the things that are available there in thrift shops is amazing. Art work, statues, furniture and collectibles.  My girlfriend and I went into at least a dozen shops.  I bought only two books but hopefully will be able to sell them for a bit of a profit.  I didn't find many stores that "bothered" with books.  It would have seemed to me that books would be a higher priority but maybe the residents send the books they don't want to auction there instead of to consignment shops?  

I wouldn't want to live in Palm Beach but there were a number of small communities, like Lake Worth, that would do quite nicely.  My friend and I ate an early dinner sitting outside the restaurant watching the other diners and shoppers.  There were bands setting up for music later in the evening and some walking on the street and sitting at the tables had their pets with them.  How refreshing!  Goodness, I even saw a child eating out with their parents - how charming. 

After hearing about the Breakers Hotel for so many years, I walked through it and got some photos. I saw the church that the Kennedys attend when in the area and drove by Mira Largo and Trump Towers.  There is no parking on the street for Mira Largo so I didn't get to get much of a view (too bad).

It was good to see my friend again but also good to have a tour guide for the area.  We had both great food and shopping and great views and walks on the beach. I hope the books I bought are really good also!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Religion and Science

I bought a 1923 copy of  The Bookman at an antique fair last weekend because of an article "Religion for the Faithless" (if I remember the title correctly).  I found the article to be very interesting.   Science, the author says, does not end people's belief's in (or need for) religion any more than the scientific understanding of sex ends the quest for love.

Maybe because our understanding of science changes, our need for an emotional connection to both one another and to the universe continues.

This was long before TIME asked "Is God Dead?". I think the author has a good point.  Religion and science can live together in peaceful harmony!  They address different needs - they aren't opposing answers to the same question.  I'm comfortable with this conclusion: religion speaks to our need to know the "why" of the universe while science speaks to the need to know "how".   

I got my money's worth on that purchase! Madlyn


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Query: Harold and the Purple Crayon

I can't find a book reference to help me identify the edition of this juvenile book:
Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. The publisher is Harper & Brothers. The best information I can find is that it was published between 1955 and 1963. There is no d.j. to help identify it. First editions were published with an illustrated cover, this is plain brown with a light/while lettering on the cover.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Much TIme for Books!

Now if you have a grandson like this, you'll know why I have a little trouble concentrating on cataloging books! 5 months old and walking all over the living room - in his walker. All backwards but he is moving! This is one strong little guy.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Art of Jim Fitzpatrick - Signed Portfolio 2

6615 #Fitzpatrick, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim: THE ART OF JIM FITZPATRICK PORTFOLIO VOL 2 De Danann Press Dublin 1982. Softcover Folio 13" - 23" tall Pages8 1st Edition 1st Printing Illus. by:Jim Fitzpatrick Color Illustrations Signed ByIllustrator De Danann Press, Dublin, Ireland, 1981. Portfolio. Book Condition: Very Good Condition. 8 Color Plates (illustrator). Elephant Folio - over 15" - 23" Tall. Plate 1 Nemed the Great is signed by the artist. Plate 2. Sadv. The Deer Goddess. Plate 3. Lugh Attacks the Fomor Army. Plate 4. The Battle of Moira. Plate 5. Fathach, Poet of the Fir Bolg. Plate 6. Eochai is Slain by the Sons of Nuada. Plate 7. Dagda and the Woman of Uinnius. Plate 8. Eri and the Son of the King of the Fomor. Each plate is 16 1/2" X 11 1/2". All plates are in very good condition. Plates depict characters & scenes from Irish History and Legends. Edges of portfolio are lightly rubbed. Plate 1 is Signed By Fitzpatrick. Selling books since 1992 - we value your business! VG/ NONE $300.00

Thursday, September 10, 2009

For Sale: Billiards by Hoppe

6828 #Hoppe, Willie Hoppe, Willie: BILLIARDS As it Should be Played, Diamond System Fully Explained Reilly & Lee Company Chicago Ill 1941. Softcover Folio 13" - 23" tall Pages78 1st Edition Thus 1st Printing Very good condition with no handwriting or prior owners names. Selling books since 1992 - we value your business! VG+/ NONE $30.00

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Booking in Tarpon Springs, FL

About 125 miles north of Punta Gorda, FL is a cute little town, Tarpon Springs. It is on route 19, near Clearwater. I don't know the history of the town but it seems to be the sponge capitol of FL with a big Greek influence. Greek restaurants, Greek clothing, Greek food stores, etc. You can very easily bring back a Greek peasant blouse, dress or a more formal and exciting belly dancing costume!

Of course, being an "Old" Bag Lady, I didn't purchase the Belly Dancing Costume but maybe next time, after I retire I could take lessons??? I mean, being a woman "of a certain age" means I to keep moving, right? At least I'd have the basics I need for the class (I have a belly!).

But, I did go looking for books as Tarpon Springs advertises a lot of antique shops in the downtown area and indeed, they are there. But they are very, very book challenged in the antique stores. I don't know why - most antique areas have at least one book dealer within the antique malls - a specialist used/rare book dealer who just doesn't want to have a store. This wasn't the case in downtown Tarpon Springs.

I did find one booth that was mostly books but they weren't even trying to be specialists. They were $1.00 books in pretty good shape but not ones that any book dealer would be interested in. Just common books - not even store stock (they would be on the $1.00 table out front of any used book store).

So, after passing on the books and all of the glass antiques, booth after booth of glass collectibles (dishes in particular), even full stores of red glass dishes (well maybe some dish was white but I didn't stay long enough to see it) we went to the touristy section and I loved it.

There were lots of people walking around the shops which are located right next to water with tourist boats waiting to take us out for a cooling ride on the water. There was an art show set up in tents, lots of ice cream and cold drinks and Greek food. Lots of Greek food and beer and sweets!

If you haven't added Tarpon Springs to your list of places to visit when you're in the area/state, maybe while you're at the St. Petersburg book fair (in March every year), consider doing so. And you will get to go over the beautiful Skyline bridge, see a great view of what has to be a great fishing pier!

After all, you're writing off the trip to the fair, might as well add in a side trip and get some great Greek Food and well, maybe pick up that belly dancing costume.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Page From Puppy to end.

Thanks to everyone who sent their condolences for our loss of Page, our 13 year old dog and friend. It means a lot to know that she meant a lot to others and that others of you know how we feel. We will try to focus on the joy she brought us - but we still "feel" the "deadly silence" of her not being here. Madlyn

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

R.I.P. Page, the Book Store Dog

1996 - 2009 Page passed away this morning.

We loved Page. We got her 13 years ago to be a watch dog (we lived in the country) and be in the book store. Since then, Page has lived in condos mostly and we never received a complaint about her barking. She didn't bite - see the photo with the pet bird - she was very gentle.

As an "entertainment center" for the book store, she preferred to trip customers coming into the store by lying in front of the door than being petted. Page was a lazy dog! I don't know if that was because of her Black Lab or Kerry Blue Terrier part but she was lazy. She wouldn't chase a ball or frizbee (we'd just throw it again and what sense did that make).

Page loved Sandy Pines, a resort camping location in southern Michigan. She loved to swim in the clear, calm water and ride on our golf cart - ears blowing in the wind.

The only book Page destroyed in 13 years was one volume on Detroit that I'd just had recovered. I don't know if it was the glue she smelled or what but she chewed the spine off of the new binding. One destroyed book in 13 years is better than my record.

Page loved going on trips - in the RV or car - but she wasn't happy to share the backseat with the bird! She put up with it but she didn't like sharing. We could leave Page in any motel room to go to dinner - as long as our suitcases were there and we turned on the TV she never barked at other travelers. If we weren't home, she didn't bark either - she protected US, not the location she was in. Any thief could have walked in to the HOUSE (as long as he didn't knock) if we weren't home and there would be no problem - if we were home, she barked whenever my husband would even hug me! She preferred a 'hands off' policy!

At 91, I guess Page has a right to rest eternally. But I bet she is visiting with Grandma now and letting her old bird friend, Frankie, walk all over her and her cat friend Casper will puuurrrr a lot upon seeing her. We will continue to miss Page, The Book Store Dog - the best friend we could have had.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Sale: Hank Aaron, Mantle, DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig;

I have a few nice collectible baseball items for sale:

1. National Baseball Hall of Fame 1987 BASEBALL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM YEARBOOK. Softcover (stapled binding). 8-1/4 X 10-3/4. Honoring 1987 inductees Dandridge, Hunter and Billy Williams. Many photos, some in color, many statistics & bios. 90 pages, Illus. Covers, Roberto Clemente on back with brief bio. Very Good (minor blue ink/scuff near spine on back) $25.00

Kenner's Starting Lineup Series baseball figures, in unopened box with cards as issued:

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, $50.00
Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio,$60.00
Edwin Mathews and Henry Aaron. $60.00

Shipping is extra, prices depending on zip code and number of items purchased. The boxes are unopened but show some wear as you can see in photos.

I accept PayPal (with credit card option) and personal checks. Please email me at oldbaglady@embarqmail.com to order. Thank you. Madlyn

New Book Van Decision Made

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions on how to shop for the new van. I think I tried just about every hint - and ended up buying locally but feeling as though I got the best price I could negotiate. This is a Town & Country Touring van, 2006 with 31,000 miles. I got a 5.5% interest rate.

This does tie in with a bigger issue book related issue, however. We complain daily (if not hourly) about books not being available when ordered on any of the databases. We hold ourselves and others to a 100% perfection/satisfaction rate or berate their/our professionalism if not characters. But not one of the on-line cars I called about was available - already sold.

Now in the grand scheme of things, I'd think that more people would be upset about a $14,000 car not being available than a $10.00 book. But each dealership just said that the car was sold but lucky me, they had another (totally different brand even) van available that they were sure I'd like if I'd just come in to see it. It didn't matter whether the dealership I called was across the country or in the next city, the story was the same.

If car dealerships can't keep track of the cars/vans on their websites I think maybe we (and customers) should lighten up just a bit on our expectations of perfection of on-line book dealers. We can say something to the customer that we are sorry but this slipped through our standards of perfection! It happens, life's short, move on. Truly, I'm not suggesting we act in a slipshod way but maybe the next time someone is setting the rules at Amazon and Alibris about this perfection thing, we can ask them to consider giving us just a little more slack. I'm pretty sure I won't misplace any $14,000 books - or forget to take it off the internet when I sell it - like all those car dealers did.

I didn't get a new van - even with the government incentives because, well, jeez folks, I just couldn't afford it. I wonder how many people driving old clunkers can afford to trade them in for a brand new car? I turned in the Ford Taurus - less mileage on the new van than on the old Taurus - boy, I'll miss that car (24 mpg, premium sound, multi cd player). But now I can haul books again - looking towards my upcoming retirement. Madlyn

Sunday, July 12, 2009

For Sale: First Kiss

Still new, boxed - great for the collector. $25.00 plus shipping

For Sale: Model Railroader 1949 6 Issues

Today I have 6 issues of this periodical from 1949 (Feb, March, April, September, November and December). The photo is of one of the better condition ones, The December issue is of the less good condition - still all present, but the cover at the spine is torn 2 inches into cover. There are approximately 100 pages per issue. 3 issues v.g., 2 issues good, one issue fair - if evaluating just the covers. Insides are all very good. Lots of phot0s, directions on building model railroad sets and technical information - and don't forget the ads! All 6 issues $40.00. plus shipping - your call on how to package and ship - boxed will cost more than bubble envelopes.

Free: If interested, when I ship the Model Railroader to you, if you are interested and I still have them, I will include American Modeler Annuals. There are 5 mostly complete issues from the 60s. The paper is dry and crumbling. There are extra pages - Lots of information for someone who is interested in model cars, radio control and model planes. They just are in poor condition.

contact me at Oldbaglady@embarqmail.com Thanks for looking. Madlyn

Monday, July 6, 2009

FS: Antique Women's Dress Gloves

Why use Hand Sanitizer? Wear Gloves! Remember? I have 40 pairs - varied sizes, colors and material. Some are driving gloves, some go with formals. Size small - not all have size tags inside but the ones that do have tags are size 6. If you have an antique booth or want to sell on eBay, this "lot" should be what you need. Very good condition, most look unworn. $75.00 for all 40 pairs.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

For Sale: Old Indian Legends SOLD! Thank You!

6726 #Sa, Zitkala (Gertrude Bonnin) Sa, Zitkala (Gertrude Bonnin) : OLD INDIAN LEGENDS Ginn & Company 1901. Hardcover Small 8vo 7½" - 8" tall Pages165 1st Edition 1st Printing Illus. by:Angel De Cora (Hinook - Mahiwi - Kilinaka black and white illustrations Signed ByAuthor Signed in fountain pen by author in both names. Value Added: Author's business card laid in: Gertrude Bonin, (Zitkala-Sa) , Secretary - Trasuerer Society American Indians, 707 20th St. , N. W. , Washington, D. C. Not only is the signed book scarce, the business card is a rare piece of history. According to the Preface, the author is retelling Indians legends told to him many times in both North and South Dakota - she wants to preserve the stories so retold them in English - America's second tongue. Slight fraying to foot of spine and a small chip in that area. Closed repaired 1 inch tear up from bottom inside of 2 pages only other flaw I see besides the usual slightly bumped corners. Bluish gray cloth covers with yellow printing and illustration on front and back covers. VG-/ NONE $550.00

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

Monday is my birthday! I LOVE my birthday! I love birthday cards, birthday balloons, birthday GIFTS, birthday hugs, birthday calls, birthday email, and birthday dinners (MY CHOICE of meals ever since my childhood) - not so big on birthday cake but birthday DRINKS are great!

Saturday night my friends Narges, Cathy and Serena took me to dinner and drinks at a rooftop bar at a new hotel in Punta Gorda, FL - the weather was great, the mohitos (sp?) were great, the music was fun and the the company couldn't be more fun! I'm posting a photo of Cathy and Serena - from Copperfish Books in Port Charlotte, FL (they said it was OK!) Thanks everyone for the party. That's me - newly "64" me in the middle and the Peace River in the background. Madlyn

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mixed Marriages - A humorous look

Just Thinking...
Back in the 50s (before I was aware of such things), a 'mixed marriage' involved people of different religions - a Catholic and Protestant couple primarily with an occasional Jewish and Christian couple as I understand my social history.

In the late 60s and 70s, a 'mixed marriage' tended to be a mixed race couple - usually Black and Caucasion (that marriage mix didn't occur much before the 1960s because of anti-miscegenation laws in many states).

I would say that the next stage of 'mixed marriages" would be same sex unions - except, of course, marriage isn't a part of the equation. I think that the same societal uproar is heard about the coupling regardless of the actual marriage.

However serious, today I think that the real mixed marriage is between "green" people and "non-green" people! You know - "green people" those who recycle, reuse, use up, buy less, and basically believe in leaving a very light footprint on the earth.

The "non-green" people are those who tear off a full section of a paper towel, make a one time swipe over a wet spot on the counter and toss out the paper towel! (They could have used a dish towel and let it dry - no paper towel at all!)

Living with any roommate is difficult. Marriage is difficult. But living with a roommate to whom you are married is very difficult when you don't have the same recycling goals. One person tosses the newspaper in the trash along with the barely wrinkled paper towel, the other one wants to use washable cloth towels and put the weeks' newspaper in the recylcle bin.

"Green" people don't toss out the plastic containers that come with frozen food (if they are pressured into buying frozen food in plastic dishes - at least they will reuse the containers) but the non-green person just tosses the once used items into the trash with the non-recycled newspapers! The horror of it all.

It is shocking how many more times a day that recycling comes into play than race or religion. While Christmas must cause some areas of conflict for the Jewish/Christian couple and mixed race couples may have color issues periodically (how long to sit in the sun?), recycling, reusing and reducing is a daily/hourly opportunity for frustration and irritations.

I think that the sociologists better jump on this problem very quickly. There seem to be no laws against green/non-green marriages - and I'm pretty sure that this very important social issue is going to cause more and more divorces! Or injuries :( Speak up - don't let this happen in your family!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

For Sale: Flibbity Jibbit

This is an adorable juvenile book. I understand that the illustrator: Vernon Grant, was the same one who developed the Rice Krispie cereal image. The illustrations in the book are clean and bright. There is no prior owners name or other handwriting. The publisher is The Junket Folks, Little Falls, NY. I cannot find a date, however. I'm guessing that it was done in the early 1940s but am still researching the date.

There is some minor paper pulling away from boards in the spine area. I'm scanning both front and back for your review. $65.00 ppd. in U.S.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading

The audio book I'm listening to is by a/the book reviewer for NPR, Maureen Corrigan: Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading. It is reviews of the various books she has read - if you like her NPR reviews I suppose you'll like this 7 CD book. I have to drive with my dictionary open - if there is a common word that can be replaced with a graduate level literature lecture word, then she selects the later.

Maybe I wouldn't need the dictionary if I'd read some of the books to which she refers but I haven't heard anyone use "sysaphean" task in quite some time (ok, never). And I don't think I've ever heard the word "fictive". It isn't a big word but who uses it? I looked it up in wiktionary and sure enough, the very first definition is "fictional" - why not use it in place of fictive in one or two places?

The author is/was a literature professor and spends a lot of time comparing her theory on "female extreme adventure" to the male extreme adventure: Quindlen's Black & Blue to The Perfect Storm with many other examples. But I didn't sign up for a class in Extreme Adventure: Male or Female. I'm "just a reader" who hoped for some brief reviews of many of the books she has read.

Maureen must have been writing for a very small, specific audience but if you are looking for some interesting book suggestions you might plow through these CDs. I'm going to try to make it through the remainder of the CDs as she has some interesting biographical information tossed in. I'm really glad I didn't try to major in literature in college now and, after listening to her "faint praise" of her mother, I'm glad she isn't my daughter! And I'll bet we'll never be friends although I can use one obtuse word in a sentence: pedantic.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

E. Th (Theodore) Douwes Dekker

What I have found so far (thanks to everyone who helped!) is that the artist's name is E. Theodore Douwes Dekker. The last name is both names, just not hyphenated. He was born in 1915 and died in 1995.

There was an auction in 2006 of a water color done by Dekker. I can't read the details so am posting the information here in hopes that someone reading this can translate it for me. I'd also like help finding any children of his or the auction house where this auction was held (and selling price if possible). Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Lot 67 : Aquarellen en tekeningen DOUWES DEKKER, E.Th. (Edward) (1915-ca. 1995 . Bietenveld. Aquarel. Gesign. & gedat. 1966/79 r.o. 40,5 x 62 cm. In lijst
Auction Location: Netherlands - 2006
Please sign in or subscribe to Invaluable Premium to see auction date and house information.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Artist E Douwes Dekker

I'm trying to find a reference to E. Tn (or In) Douwes Dekker, an artist who did a chalk of a beautiful dark skinned woman signed Oct. 1984.

I thought I had found him but 1st guy mentioned below died in 1950. I can't find a reference to a son of his but maybe if you have one of the books cited below you can help me out? I would like to know who the woman in the chalk is - his wife? Mother? Is she Islamic? When did the artist die and where? I own the art piece but can't find the artist listed anywhere. People always ask me who the woman is and I'd like to have the answer. I'll post the photo at: http://oldbaglady.blogspot.com this evening.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Madlyn


Dutch East Indies.
the younger Douwes Dekker was related to the famous writer, Eduard Douwes Dekker, author of Max Havelaar, who was his grandfather's brother.[2]

Later he was allowed to return to the East Indies. In 1922, he taught in Bandung in a lower school. Two years later as head of the school, he renamed it the "Ksatrian Institute". This institute was officially recognised by the government in 1926. In the same year, he married Johanna Mussel, one of its teachers, six years after divorcing his first wife

In February 1947, he changed his name to "Danudirja Setiabudi" which means 'powerful substance, faithful spirit'. In 8 March 1947 after divorcing his second wife, he married Haroemi Wanasita, in an Islamic ceremony

His life is recorded in a biography: 'Het Leven van EFE Douwes Dekker, by Frans Glissenaar in 1999.
He spent his later years in Bandung, writing his autobiography, 70 Jaar Konsekwent (1950). Douwes Dekker died in 1950.
Eduard Douwes Dekker (2 March 1820 – 19 February 1887), better known by his pen name Multatuli, was a Dutch writer famous for his satirical novel, Max Havelaar (1860) in which he denounced the abuses of colonialism in the colony of the Dutch East Indies (today's Indonesia).

Thursday, January 29, 2009

For Sale: 1 Book on Seminole Indians (Florida related)

I have a very nice copy of: The Unconquered Seminole Indians, published in 1957. This book by Irvin M. Peithmann and published by the Great Outdoors Association in St. Petersburg, FL was illustrated by black and while photos and reproductions of old prints. The colorful cover art is by Jim Deakley (if I'm reading it properly!). This softcover 94 page book is in vg+ condition, includes a bibliography.

The "about the author" says that the author took a leave of absence from Southern Illinois University to do the Seminole research deep into the Everglades from St. Petersburg, FL, his main base of operation. $35.00 plus shipping.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How do men do it?

Everything is "pocket" or "key ring" sized now - but where do men keep all this stuff on a book hunting trip?

Women have purses (many of which are so large now that our shoulders have rotator cuff tears) but good grief - men can't have this many pockets?

The key ring has to have the PayPal security key ring decoder on it, a pen attached, a small magnifying glass, the camera's card reader and a GPS receiver. In addition you have the a library check out membership code, and the office supply and drug store discount code key ring cards.

The Pocket guide for identifying first editions and one for help remembering the author pseudonyms and a list of your customers' wants.

Then add the cell phone/blackberry and camera to your pockets and some money, the pocket guide to bookstores & antique malls and pretty soon your pockets are full!

Now this doesn't include your tube of hand lotion, your anti-germ cleanser, kleenex for the problem that dust causes and sun screen to prevent skin cancer.

It doesn't include your computer & charger, the cell, camera, phone and GPS chargers (for both motel and car.

Wasn't the idea of having a laptop computer supposed to help us travel more efficiently? We didn't anticipate the additional luggage we'd need however!

Women have purses and men never can figure out what is in those big heavy things - but I can't figure out where men put their essentials! - OH, yes I do - they're called RVs - men's version of a purse - something to carry just the bare essentials in!