Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Page From Puppy to end.

Thanks to everyone who sent their condolences for our loss of Page, our 13 year old dog and friend. It means a lot to know that she meant a lot to others and that others of you know how we feel. We will try to focus on the joy she brought us - but we still "feel" the "deadly silence" of her not being here. Madlyn

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

R.I.P. Page, the Book Store Dog

1996 - 2009 Page passed away this morning.

We loved Page. We got her 13 years ago to be a watch dog (we lived in the country) and be in the book store. Since then, Page has lived in condos mostly and we never received a complaint about her barking. She didn't bite - see the photo with the pet bird - she was very gentle.

As an "entertainment center" for the book store, she preferred to trip customers coming into the store by lying in front of the door than being petted. Page was a lazy dog! I don't know if that was because of her Black Lab or Kerry Blue Terrier part but she was lazy. She wouldn't chase a ball or frizbee (we'd just throw it again and what sense did that make).

Page loved Sandy Pines, a resort camping location in southern Michigan. She loved to swim in the clear, calm water and ride on our golf cart - ears blowing in the wind.

The only book Page destroyed in 13 years was one volume on Detroit that I'd just had recovered. I don't know if it was the glue she smelled or what but she chewed the spine off of the new binding. One destroyed book in 13 years is better than my record.

Page loved going on trips - in the RV or car - but she wasn't happy to share the backseat with the bird! She put up with it but she didn't like sharing. We could leave Page in any motel room to go to dinner - as long as our suitcases were there and we turned on the TV she never barked at other travelers. If we weren't home, she didn't bark either - she protected US, not the location she was in. Any thief could have walked in to the HOUSE (as long as he didn't knock) if we weren't home and there would be no problem - if we were home, she barked whenever my husband would even hug me! She preferred a 'hands off' policy!

At 91, I guess Page has a right to rest eternally. But I bet she is visiting with Grandma now and letting her old bird friend, Frankie, walk all over her and her cat friend Casper will puuurrrr a lot upon seeing her. We will continue to miss Page, The Book Store Dog - the best friend we could have had.