Saturday, January 10, 2009

St. Petersburg, FL Booking & Antiquing

Some days are just more fun than others! Today my husband and I took the opportunity to attend an antique fair at the St. Petersburg, FL Coliseum. When we arrived at 9:50AM we were about #20 in a line that grew to maybe 100 people by the 10:00 AM opening. I hope that was an indication of a good attendance for all 3 days of the fair.

The Coliseum is a lovely facility - the site of part of the filming of "Cocoon" years ago. The booths were all great looking and the dealers that I spoke with were friendly. Lighthouse Books was there with a big alcove booth. Michael Slicker is a mainstay of the St. Pete and FL rare book world = I hope he had a really good show.

After the fair, Bob and I looked in a few stores on Central Ave. and then spent an hour at least in Haslam's Used Books store. How often do you see a used book store that has been around for 60 years? Haslam's carries used/rare books as well as used, new and remaindered books, cards,etc. It was an enjoyable experience and the store was busy with about 5 people in line to checkout when I left. Hopefully they will be able to stay in business for another 60 years - I love success!

Our weather is nice, cone on down to FL and visit some of the used book stores on the western side of the state. And for the ladies: there are some great upscale clothing consignment shops in St. Petersburg, Sarasota and, of course, Naples!