Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home at Last

Last night at 8:30 we arrived home after a 3 and 1/2 week absence.  I don't know how people travel all of the time - it isn't for me.  Travel (to me) is tiring and disorienting.  I certainly can't focus on a job while traveling or stay involved in community activities or projects.  I just can't imagine how parents who travel are able to stay involved in their childrens' lives.  My hats off to those who do it well.

After we left our duties at the book store in St. Augustine, we stopped in the Tampa area to celebrate Jalen's 1st birthday.  This year just flew by!  He is a very happy and healthy little boy - and cute, I must say.  I'm putting up a couple of photos - you can see he can toss a basket ball already.

It seems that he enjoys getting "older" as tossing those balls is about as much fun as he has had yet!  He did not like that silly birthday hat and he was not excited about having birthday cake frosting on his hands - he put his hands out for his Dad to wipe them off.  

Well, it is great that he had family present to celebrate his 1st birthday and that they have been around to watch him grow this far.  I still love those Jalen hugs and kisses!