Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shenandoah Valley and Yosemite, CA

Bob and I are enjoying the wine country and Yosemite in Northern California.  We're having a lot of fun shopping in all of the antique shops and used book stores - mercy, wine and books - how good does it get? 

The day trip to Yosemite was overwhelming.  We needed to stay for the week to see anything but at least we've been inside the park! 

We're in the foot hills of the Sierra Nevada mountains and many of the roads have hair-pin curves.  Many houses are set up on the top at a very high "hill" and I just don't see how the owners can use the driveway daily - it looks more like the road the mules use to go to the floor of the Grand Canyon!

The wineries all have different personalities.  One has a Tuscany feel, one has a country "y'all come have a picnic" feel and others barely look inviting at all (we didn't even get out of the car).  I think there is probably a good lesson in there somewhere for book dealers all running small businesses - how inviting does our  business look? They may have had very good wine at good prices but we didn't go in to find out. 

The winery below  (3rd down) showing tables is a shaded place to enjoy the views allows you to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the bottle of wine you buy right there - that is the comfortable, welcoming place I actually purchased a bottle of wine.

The weather is a bit hot for our liking (OK, we admit it - hot doesn't even begin to describe the 102+ temps here for the last few days) but by 8 or 9, we're cool again.  Take a look at a couple of photos of the area.

We infrequently have cell phone service where we are staying but we do have computer access, so email is the only way we have been contacting people.  No CNN, FOX or other 24 hr news  and as far was we're concerned , all is well with the world!  We sleep very good at night.  Maybe no news helps.  Madlyn