Sunday, November 15, 2009

Palm Beach Visit

This weekend I had a great visit to Palm Beach.  I stayed with a girlfriend in her condo located right on the beach.  All I had to do was get up and go to the windows to see the Atlantic - what a life. Actually I didn't know that Palm Beach was an island or that the Inter-Coastal waterway was "right there".  There is a lot to learn about FL.  I also didn't know that there were sugar cane fields between us and Palm Beach - there is a very big difference between the trip across the state on 80 verses Alligator Alley.  I saw the sugar cane burning on 80, no alligators. I saw gas stations in the small towns, no signs saying fill up now or risk dying!

The Worth Avenue shopping was over-the-top - not my type of thing.  But the consignment and thrift store shopping was wonderful.  Oh, the things that are available there in thrift shops is amazing. Art work, statues, furniture and collectibles.  My girlfriend and I went into at least a dozen shops.  I bought only two books but hopefully will be able to sell them for a bit of a profit.  I didn't find many stores that "bothered" with books.  It would have seemed to me that books would be a higher priority but maybe the residents send the books they don't want to auction there instead of to consignment shops?  

I wouldn't want to live in Palm Beach but there were a number of small communities, like Lake Worth, that would do quite nicely.  My friend and I ate an early dinner sitting outside the restaurant watching the other diners and shoppers.  There were bands setting up for music later in the evening and some walking on the street and sitting at the tables had their pets with them.  How refreshing!  Goodness, I even saw a child eating out with their parents - how charming. 

After hearing about the Breakers Hotel for so many years, I walked through it and got some photos. I saw the church that the Kennedys attend when in the area and drove by Mira Largo and Trump Towers.  There is no parking on the street for Mira Largo so I didn't get to get much of a view (too bad).

It was good to see my friend again but also good to have a tour guide for the area.  We had both great food and shopping and great views and walks on the beach. I hope the books I bought are really good also!