Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Sale: Hank Aaron, Mantle, DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig;

I have a few nice collectible baseball items for sale:

1. National Baseball Hall of Fame 1987 BASEBALL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM YEARBOOK. Softcover (stapled binding). 8-1/4 X 10-3/4. Honoring 1987 inductees Dandridge, Hunter and Billy Williams. Many photos, some in color, many statistics & bios. 90 pages, Illus. Covers, Roberto Clemente on back with brief bio. Very Good (minor blue ink/scuff near spine on back) $25.00

Kenner's Starting Lineup Series baseball figures, in unopened box with cards as issued:

Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, $50.00
Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio,$60.00
Edwin Mathews and Henry Aaron. $60.00

Shipping is extra, prices depending on zip code and number of items purchased. The boxes are unopened but show some wear as you can see in photos.

I accept PayPal (with credit card option) and personal checks. Please email me at oldbaglady@embarqmail.com to order. Thank you. Madlyn

New Book Van Decision Made

Thanks to all who gave me suggestions on how to shop for the new van. I think I tried just about every hint - and ended up buying locally but feeling as though I got the best price I could negotiate. This is a Town & Country Touring van, 2006 with 31,000 miles. I got a 5.5% interest rate.

This does tie in with a bigger issue book related issue, however. We complain daily (if not hourly) about books not being available when ordered on any of the databases. We hold ourselves and others to a 100% perfection/satisfaction rate or berate their/our professionalism if not characters. But not one of the on-line cars I called about was available - already sold.

Now in the grand scheme of things, I'd think that more people would be upset about a $14,000 car not being available than a $10.00 book. But each dealership just said that the car was sold but lucky me, they had another (totally different brand even) van available that they were sure I'd like if I'd just come in to see it. It didn't matter whether the dealership I called was across the country or in the next city, the story was the same.

If car dealerships can't keep track of the cars/vans on their websites I think maybe we (and customers) should lighten up just a bit on our expectations of perfection of on-line book dealers. We can say something to the customer that we are sorry but this slipped through our standards of perfection! It happens, life's short, move on. Truly, I'm not suggesting we act in a slipshod way but maybe the next time someone is setting the rules at Amazon and Alibris about this perfection thing, we can ask them to consider giving us just a little more slack. I'm pretty sure I won't misplace any $14,000 books - or forget to take it off the internet when I sell it - like all those car dealers did.

I didn't get a new van - even with the government incentives because, well, jeez folks, I just couldn't afford it. I wonder how many people driving old clunkers can afford to trade them in for a brand new car? I turned in the Ford Taurus - less mileage on the new van than on the old Taurus - boy, I'll miss that car (24 mpg, premium sound, multi cd player). But now I can haul books again - looking towards my upcoming retirement. Madlyn

Sunday, July 12, 2009

For Sale: First Kiss

Still new, boxed - great for the collector. $25.00 plus shipping

For Sale: Model Railroader 1949 6 Issues

Today I have 6 issues of this periodical from 1949 (Feb, March, April, September, November and December). The photo is of one of the better condition ones, The December issue is of the less good condition - still all present, but the cover at the spine is torn 2 inches into cover. There are approximately 100 pages per issue. 3 issues v.g., 2 issues good, one issue fair - if evaluating just the covers. Insides are all very good. Lots of phot0s, directions on building model railroad sets and technical information - and don't forget the ads! All 6 issues $40.00. plus shipping - your call on how to package and ship - boxed will cost more than bubble envelopes.

Free: If interested, when I ship the Model Railroader to you, if you are interested and I still have them, I will include American Modeler Annuals. There are 5 mostly complete issues from the 60s. The paper is dry and crumbling. There are extra pages - Lots of information for someone who is interested in model cars, radio control and model planes. They just are in poor condition.

contact me at Oldbaglady@embarqmail.com Thanks for looking. Madlyn