Thursday, January 15, 2009

How do men do it?

Everything is "pocket" or "key ring" sized now - but where do men keep all this stuff on a book hunting trip?

Women have purses (many of which are so large now that our shoulders have rotator cuff tears) but good grief - men can't have this many pockets?

The key ring has to have the PayPal security key ring decoder on it, a pen attached, a small magnifying glass, the camera's card reader and a GPS receiver. In addition you have the a library check out membership code, and the office supply and drug store discount code key ring cards.

The Pocket guide for identifying first editions and one for help remembering the author pseudonyms and a list of your customers' wants.

Then add the cell phone/blackberry and camera to your pockets and some money, the pocket guide to bookstores & antique malls and pretty soon your pockets are full!

Now this doesn't include your tube of hand lotion, your anti-germ cleanser, kleenex for the problem that dust causes and sun screen to prevent skin cancer.

It doesn't include your computer & charger, the cell, camera, phone and GPS chargers (for both motel and car.

Wasn't the idea of having a laptop computer supposed to help us travel more efficiently? We didn't anticipate the additional luggage we'd need however!

Women have purses and men never can figure out what is in those big heavy things - but I can't figure out where men put their essentials! - OH, yes I do - they're called RVs - men's version of a purse - something to carry just the bare essentials in!