Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Medicare Age is Here!

Yesterday I officially turned 65. I have my Medicare card. I have supplemental PPO coverage. I have Social Security.  Supposedly I am ready for the future - at least that's what I've been told since Medicare was enacted - wasn't that under Lyndon Johnson?  I've worked hard all these years to maintain insurance coverage, worrying about what job to take - not based on what I liked but on insurance coverage all the time glad to know that at 65 I would be covered by Medicare. Society would provide security.

And now I'm here and not feeling all that secure. Lower pay for women turned into lower social security payments based on my life long lower income.  Medicare is being threatened by greed, no monitoring of abuse, the expense of more technology and the baby boomers coming along 'en masse.

I didn't and couldn't possibly have saved up the million dollars during my working years (isn't that the minimum "they" say we need?).  And a bunch of what I managed to save was taken (lost) in the most recent Wall Street event. 2/3 of the "value" on our condo has been wiped out.  They actually sell for 20% less than what we paid for ours 9 years ago. 

I'm not feeling all that secure at 65.  But I celebrated with friends and neighbors and all was well for the day.  And I'm healthy, there is something liberating about being healthy - an optimism, a blessing that I have that allows me to celebrate not only reaching 65 but getting here without pain or limitations.  A belief that I've made it this far and I'll make it further.