Friday, March 14, 2008

Democratic Natinal Convention 1968 vs 2008

The 1968 political convention is certainly a good piece of history that puts all of this year's political convention bru ha ha in perspective. This website has probably the best recap that I've seen:

This is why I don't get overly excited when I see the "loss of freedoms" that many think is just happening in USA - I was in my 20s for this and the "Kent State" killings - add in the L.A. Riots in the 70s and I don't see the 50s view of the USA (from a white northern girl's perspective) that is the view we like to see of ourselves. Politics are not now nor have they even been a simple matter of going to the polls, casting a vote (one person one vote) and the most popular person wins - no way - even in USA. If I remember my US history correctly, votes used to be sold for booze and other voting corruption has been "rumored" since there has been voting.

Here is a link to details of the Kent State Shootings, May 4, 1970 in the free USA, 4 college students were killed and 9 more were injured for being in the area of or dissenting a war - on a college campus.

Politics are politics. Politicians are politicians. Power is power. Put them all together and you get violence and sex and taxes. It is good to keep it in mind and remember that only the people change and that this year that progress is measured in that the people playing look different than they did in the 50s, 60s, 70s. But the outcome is the same. The war is different but the arguments are the same. No matter who wins we'll still have taxes, wars, arguing and sex and the votes won't all be counted and it won't be fair. But hopefully the progress will be measured in that the National Guard won't be shooting.

But then again, is that really progress? That '68 generation has too much to loose (and are too tired) to demonstrate and the kids in their 20s don't demonstrate anymore. How do you measure progress? No demonstrations or no national guard on the streets?

Whoever you are voting for, vote once!