Saturday, April 24, 2010

St. Augustine, FL

Well, Friends. I'm back at my first love - working in a used book store! By helping out at Wolf's Head Books I'm able to do the parts of the business I love - sell and buy but don't have to do the parts I don't love - worry about the rent, the orders, the employees, the insurance, the d.b. %, etc. Pure book selling - or reading if there is no selling :).

The weather is beautiful, there is a festival in town, I'm living across the street from the Atlantic and about as happy as I can be away from my own bed.  Right now I'm very happy that I offered to volunteer to help a friend.

We miss you, Harvey Wolf.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Used Book Stores in Texas

I've driven/ridden over 2000 miles in the past 2 weeks and have visited antique malls, used book stores and library resale areas in numerous towns.  It would seem to me that Texas is a hard state to find reasonably priced books in v.g. condition.  Either the books weren't of any interest to me, they were very expensive or in very poor condition. Or all 3!

In one town (not in TX) a bookstore I went into was so small and so crowded that I literally could barely move sideways down the aisle (walk would indicate forward momentum).  There were 2 L shape areas nestled so close together that I though the clerk was kidding when he said any FL history would be inside the area!  And I'm not THAT big a person (petite people would have had a problem).  Anyways, there were books everywhere in this tiny shop.  When the guy said he had been there since 1986 - and I almost asked if he had sold anything yet!

It is just truly a fun experience to see how so many shops are arranged, what kind of stock they have and get the feel of the place.  And I don't understand shops where the new "customer" isn't acknowledged or welcomed when s/he enters the store.  A simple "hi" or "welcome" would be nice and many dealers don't offer it - I wonder why.

San Antonio Alamo

Alamo Cactus

Texas Wild Flowers including famous Blue Bonnet