Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Religion and Science

I bought a 1923 copy of  The Bookman at an antique fair last weekend because of an article "Religion for the Faithless" (if I remember the title correctly).  I found the article to be very interesting.   Science, the author says, does not end people's belief's in (or need for) religion any more than the scientific understanding of sex ends the quest for love.

Maybe because our understanding of science changes, our need for an emotional connection to both one another and to the universe continues.

This was long before TIME asked "Is God Dead?". I think the author has a good point.  Religion and science can live together in peaceful harmony!  They address different needs - they aren't opposing answers to the same question.  I'm comfortable with this conclusion: religion speaks to our need to know the "why" of the universe while science speaks to the need to know "how".   

I got my money's worth on that purchase! Madlyn