Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

Monday is my birthday! I LOVE my birthday! I love birthday cards, birthday balloons, birthday GIFTS, birthday hugs, birthday calls, birthday email, and birthday dinners (MY CHOICE of meals ever since my childhood) - not so big on birthday cake but birthday DRINKS are great!

Saturday night my friends Narges, Cathy and Serena took me to dinner and drinks at a rooftop bar at a new hotel in Punta Gorda, FL - the weather was great, the mohitos (sp?) were great, the music was fun and the the company couldn't be more fun! I'm posting a photo of Cathy and Serena - from Copperfish Books in Port Charlotte, FL (they said it was OK!) Thanks everyone for the party. That's me - newly "64" me in the middle and the Peace River in the background. Madlyn