Monday, November 1, 2010

A Mountain Lodge Holiday

When you go on vacation for a month, you can't just sit in the condo and read!  You go places, do things - or so my friend, Narges says.  And a nice trip to the mountains is just what is needed to get away from the big town of Bielska-Biala. So, in an hour and a half or so ride we were able to enjoy some lovely countryside:

                         Our rooms were on the third floor!  There is a really good story to go with this photo...

                                 After a five mile horse cart ride and a mile walk, this was the view.
                                                    View from the front yard of the lodge.
                                                          The lake was at the top

This was the restaurant at the top.  Good thing - we had to prepare for the 7 mile walk down to the car!

                                          Another view from lodge
                                           Sheep were by the road near lodge.
                                         Lots of people walked the full 6 miles up to the top - some with babies, toddlers. Lots of walking going on in Poland.  We took the cart in the background.
Narges got up within touching distance to this fawn.
 She didn't use a close up lens to take photo.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A little extra charm

A traditional Polish wedding blocked traffic for quite awhile so Narges and I jumped out of the car and took photos - she took this one (see me in the background!). 

                          Note the groom's piece of jewelry - then see a photo of me at the end of this post.
                                             Vodka makes those vows go down more easily!

                                                    My admirer gave me his personal jewelry

Poland - Who Knows Where?

It seemed like a long walk up to the castle but worth it for the views!

                                                Who knew the country side was so lovely?
On the way, just in case you got hungry.

 See the two boat ramps? No one told us which one would be for loading.  A boat load of people got into lines ... at each one and then made a dash for "right" one at the last minute. 
Information would have been useful.
                                                            More stairs/walking/climbing.

                                                                  The view from the top