Saturday, June 5, 2010

Motel rates

Have you even negotiated the price you pay for a night in a motel?
I thought rates were rates - who knew that you could negotiate? We didn't start out to negotiate last night, we asked the price, were told a rate and just said, no, think we'll just keep traveling awhile longer and began to leave.  The clerk said to wait a minute - maybe he could find a discount - and asked my husband what was in our budget.  Well, my husband told him $35.00 less than what we had been quoted - but added that we had AAA and AARP. The clerk quoted another rate, Bob said, no, sorry .... and the clerk said OK - I'll just put you in as the "manager's special"!

So, in a nice - enough national chain with a small, warm pool, close to Cracker Barrel for dinner, we got a $35.00 discount - and points toward our next stay with that chain. 

Tonight we asked what the rate was and was quoted $20.00 more than what was actually posted on the sign outside.  Honestly, what's up with that?  We got the room for the rate posted but the people coming in behind us just left when he told them the higher price.

All these little battles adds stress - takes energy people need for life's wars