Monday, April 25, 2011

Selling on eBay

If you sell on eBay maybe you can tell me - is it possible to add this photo to each listing - assuming I pay for the photo? The first photo is free, the second photo costs 15c so is it one way to let buyers know who I am without breaking any rules? 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Donating Books

A recent newspaper had an article about finding homes for 
our old "friends": books.  Some of the places on the list
pick up books, some you have to ship to but it is a nice 
list to save for future reference.  The point is to 
keep the books out of the landfill.

Don't forget about your local used/rare bookstore.  They 
will sometimes take donations of books that they can't purchase. 
Remember, used bookstores don't receive tax money like libraries do, 
so if you have a local used bookstore - that PAYS taxes, I suggest 
going there first with your donations. (you have to ship to them) (sell) - one book at a time solution. (p.b. for soldiers)

Hope this helps someone with their spring cleaning. Madlyn

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


 6366 #Ruschi, Auguston Ruschi, Auguston:  BEIJA-FLORES DO ESTADO DO ESPIRITO SANTO Hummingbirds of State of Espirito Santo Editora Rios Brazil 1982. Hardcover Folio  13" - 23" tall Pages263 1st Edition Thus 1st Printing Illus. by:Etienne Demonte Color Plates A beautiful scientific book on hummingbirds. In addition to the 29 color plates, the professor provides the Latin names, identifies the body parts, and describes the characteristics of the birds. Everything you've always wanted to know and see in up close color! Whether you are a collector of all things Hummingbird or a student of this amazing creature or love the illustrator, you will want this book. Etienne Demonte is a Brazilian naturalist-painter who lives (at that time) in Rio de Janeiro. Animals & Birds.  Defects include a small piece seemingly cut from top of DJ and a couple of other minor flaws. The book has a small cut our of front fly leaf at top and prior owners stamp on bottom of title page. The color plates and all other pages are in perfect condition.  VG+/ G+ $195.00

To confirm availability or place order, please email me @  Shipping will be by U.S.P.S. unless you request another carrier.  Postage based on speed and location.  Packaging will be well done so you will receive it as it is when pictures were taken. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

U.S. Education Comparisons and Challenges

I've written to my state legislators to find out how the high achieving other countries handle some of these challenges found in the U.S. classrooms.  There are probably other challenges I haven't addressed but since the U.S. is #14 (or lower) according to the recent news reports, I'd like to know how the top countries are handling these challenges so that we can learn and implement them.  At this time, I don't see why the teachers are being held totally responsible for the lower test scores - maybe the feedback I get will convince me that the teachers are at fault for the lower test scores - but right now I think that unless we have perfectly achieving parents, with perfect legislators enacting the perfect budgets and curriculum with the perfect ready to learn students, we just aren't going to have the perfect classrooms - even if we have perfect teachers.

Florida has just enacted legislation that the teachers' pay (increases?) be based 50% on the test results of the students.  I suggest that the administrator's bonuses and pay increases for the legislators also be tied to students' performance as they play a roll in what is taught in what kind of setting for how many hours and days per session.  Here is the letter I wrote:

Public Education Comparisons: The news reports U.S. is #14 or so in education in comparison to other countries. Please tell me the top five countries and what tests are used to compare.  I doubt that the comparisons take in all of the diversity the U.S. has to cope with in the classrooms.

How are these factored in:
1. Multiple non-English languages as native language.  It is hard to teach people in English who speak other native languages, yet the students from other countries are allowed into our classrooms.  Some FL school districts have 14 different native languages coming into the classrooms – teachers don’t have control over that yet are challenged to get those students prepared for the same tests as native English speaking students.  Which other countries scoring higher than the U.S. have this challenge?
2. Class content is mandated by legislators, not teachers. Time spent teaching sex ed, drug ed, manners , etc - how is this factored in?  How is this in other countries?  Or do those schools focus only on “testable” content?
3. Handicapped students are mainstreamed into many classes. Do other countries higher in standings than U.S. have severely mentally impaired students in their classes?  Even if the tests are not factored in, severely mental and physical handicapped students take more time and focus from the teacher  and other students (providing physical assistance and mentoring).
4. Days/hours/holidays are mandated by various gov and administrations - not teachers - how does our school calendar compare?  Many districts provide “planning” time to teachers during the school day.  This takes away from instruction time whether all teachers want it or not.
5. Expelling/disciplining disruptive students - U.S. teachers don't have control of who is in their classes.  How is this handled in those countries scoring better than U.S.?  If other countries’ teachers or administrators are allowed to expel students, the ones left, wanting to learn will probably score higher than those kept in classes and schools where they don’t want to be (based on their behavior).
Parents who are drug abusers, unemployed, homeless, victims of domestic violence and/or had trouble in schools themselves will have a hard time sending off a well rested, well fed, ready to learn students who will come home to a quiet place to do homework, eat a well balanced meal and get a good night’s sleep after some school or family enrichment activity.
I'm not a teacher. I've never been a teacher. I don't have a student in school currently but have grandchildren in various schools.  There are no perfect classrooms but there never will be unless we have perfect legislators setting the class content along with perfect teachers implementing it, perfect students ready and willing to learn and perfect parents ready and able to reinforce the classroom at home, getting the student prepared to learn.
I'd like to know that we are comparing apples to apples.  Please tell me how other countries handle these challenges to come out ahead of U.S. in student tests. 
Thank you,
Madlyn Blom


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Old Bag Lady Books Has Moved

Hi All -
Our books have made it 100 miles north to Sun City Center, FL.  We're happy that the move is over and you can start ordering again:

Friday, January 28, 2011

FYI: Credit Card Reader

This is the size of the new Android credit card reader by Square.  When you insert it into the phone, there is a place at the opposite end to slide the card.  Supposedly the company deposits the money right into your checking acc't.  It took about two minutes to sign up for the acc't,.  Tomorrow I may have the opportunity to use it, so we'll see how it works.  I have no idea what happens re: a receipt.  Unfortunately, my phone doesn't have a printer (next one probably will) but they say that something about a receipt so maybe it is sent via email??? Isn't this exciting? Makes paying the bill for the android phone a lot easier.  (I have a T-Mobil 3G). Imagine not having to purchase one of those expensive wireless credit card machines! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

For Sale: Fountain Pen Collecting Reference

 Collecting fountain pens is a very popular hobby.  This reference is one all collectors should have on their shelves.  Contact to confirm availability and discuss shipping options, cost.

The picture as it shows isn't representing exactly how good the d.j. is - it actually is in fine condition.

7255 #Lambrou, Andreas:  FOUNTAIN PENS Vintage and Modern Sotheby's 1990. Hardcover 8vo  8" - 9" tall Pages244 1st Edition 2nd Printing Color Photographs Text is clean, binding tight. Illustrated.2nd impression. No prior owner's name or other handwriting. Looks unused. Indexed. A great reference with many photos - every fountain pen collector should have this in his/her reference library.  VG+/ VG+ $27.00